CATT: Cat Alliance from Tips to Tails

What is TNR?

  • •A humane solution to solve the problem of millions of homeless cats.
  • •In Marion County, there is an estimated 250,000 homeless cats.
  • •Homeless, unsterilized cats can reproduce 20,000 offspring in 5 years.
  • •Humanely traps the cats, sterilizes them and returns them back to their original location
  • Why TNR?

  • •In the past, cats were euthanized as a method to control the population.
  • •We will not be able to adopt all of the cats that are free roaming.
  • •Many feral cats were unhappy and fearful in shelter making them unadoptable.
  • •Removing cats from a location creates a vacuum effect. New cats will flood into the newly vacated area starting the cycle again.